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BMW I3 accessories designed and developed by I3 enthusiasts.

Our products are legit. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee, and ship from our facility in Centennial, CO.

The latest and greatest

Sequential LED mirror turn signals

Installation only takes a few moments and the tools needed are included. For more information or to get your own set now click here

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M-style mirror covers

They’re more aerodynamic, look cool, and they’re super easy to install. That’s right.. In less than 5 minutes you’ll have a sportier looking I3.To get your very own M-Style mirror[…]

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Traffic Jam Assist Retrofit

If your vehicle has Active Cruise Control, you’re just $300 away from this must have functionality: Traffic Jam Assist.BMW Traffic Jam Assistant (TJA) is a driver aid system that offers[…]

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